Meeting & Retreat Facilitation

Leave with objectives fulfilled

"Randall is by far the most effective facilitator I've seen throughout my entire career of hiring many facilitators." 

"He knows how to find the perfect balance and touch in each meeting - he is never overbearing nor too passive - he is always just right."

"Randall made our retreat so much better than when we had tried to do it alone." 

"You will leave with your objectives met and actions identified to improve your organization or team." 

I'll work with your team to clarify meeting objectives and desired outcomes, develop the agenda and facilitation approach and accompanying materials.  I always customize my approach to meet the needs and culture of your organization.  

My facilitation focuses on effective agenda adherence, very active participation, and keeping participants focused on the key objectives and outcomes of the meeting, including providing feedback and identifying tasks for future action.  

Contact me to discuss your meeting and retreat facilitation needs.